What Is In Our Food?

Real Food or Dangerous Products?

Healthy Ingredients or Hidden Poisons?

”Become health aware, find out what is on your plate!”

Are we eating to live or survive, or are we living to eat? …Sometimes both!

But since the human history of food, today we have never had so many UNHEALTHY ingredients and food around us!

Nowdays, lots of magazines, TV programs and advertising brainwash our sense of taste, look, smell and feeling around food, but besides all the charades and soft consuming programs and propaganda ….do we really know “What is in Our Food”?

At a point that we even come across hidden poison and dangerous products in our food distribution chain, anywhere all around the world, which are dedicated to unaware people and unfortunately even children, about what they are consuming!

Of course not all the food we are consuming or finding around us in restaurants, shops, supermarkets and cafes is bad and harmful for us, some are doing a great job trying to keep the best quality possible! but one thing is for sure…

“Don’t expect, what you do not inspect!”

Unfortunately not all the foods we are getting from the restaurants, shops, supermarkets and cafes is neither healthy and safe when it comes out from various farms, food manufacturers and especially from large branded industrial plants, which are seeking more toward profitable products than healthy ones!

“The purpose of this website is to guide and inform you more about What is in Our Food, and hopefully develop your food awareness, so you can find out with health conciensness what will end up in your stomach!”

‘Live Happy, Eat Healthy!”

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